Destiny: Get a Preview of the PlayStation Exclusive Strike Mission

By   /   Sep 4, 2014

A new trailer released by Sony today for Destiny showcases the Strike Mission, which will be an exclusive addition to the PlayStation 4 version for a full year.

In this video we get to see the mission called Dust Palace which is set on Mars. It can only be accessed by players who have reached level 18 in the game and offers quite a few challenges.

Players are tasked with battling against a race called the Cabal, who are mining an ancient city on the planet in the search of a valuable technology. I’m going to assume that the technology is hazardous to human health and hence the players need to either stop them from finding it, or find it before the Cabal.

According to Sony, the mission will take a three-person Strike team roughly half an hour to clear. Each play differs from each other because enemy placements are randomized each time. In every play-through players will have to be on alert and expect the Cabal to strike any time and from any place.

In the video one of Cabal’s soldiers called Centurions are shown. These are field commanders who can use jump jets, as well as the Psion Flayer.

Guardians who successfully clear the mission get rewarded with exotic weaponry, including the Monte Carlo auto rifle and Hawkmoon hand cannon.

Destiny is on schedule to be released on September 9 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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