Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition Gets New Screenshots

By   /   Sep 4, 2014

The highly anticipated shooter Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has received some new screenshots, which showcase what the Day Zero Edition of the game will bring to the upcoming title.

Check them out in the gallery below:

If you are unaware of Day Zero Edition, then you should know that Sledgehammer Studios is providing an opportunity to get your hands on some awesome looking gear, if you decide to pre-order the game.

It will not only give you all the gear that you see in the above gallery, but you will also receive access to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a day before than the rest of the world.

The gear included in the Day Zero Edition of the game is:

  • Two Custom Weapons, AK-12G Assault Rifle and the Crossbow-B2
  • Double XP on November 3rd
  • The Advanced Arsenal featuring the Bullet-brass Exo-Skeleton and the EM1 Quantum

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare wants to step away from the traditional gameplay of previous games, instead it is going to give us new gadgets, which will allow more fast-paced and intriguing gameplay that will be different from the previous entries.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on 4th of November.

Are you looking forward to pre-order the game to get the bonuses?

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