Bungie is Teasing a New Destiny Announcement for Tomorrow

By   /   Sep 4, 2014

When there are only four days left in the release of the year’s biggest game, adrenaline levels are high and speculations are piqued.

And at such a time when the developer teases something new, it is bound to hit like a bombshell. When Bungie teased for, apparently, another Destiny reveal, I am sure that is what they had in mind.

While no one over the internet has a solid lead on what exactly do the developers have up their sleeves this time; the short 10 second video you see up there is really inviting a lot of discussion among fans of the mythic sci-fi first person shooter.

The teaser in question was posted on the official Twitter profile of the game couple of hours ago along with an equally obscure statement:

“Tomorrow: something is coming. Stay vigilant, Guardians.”

Well, if the intention behind that statement was too not help us speculators at all, they have succeeded.

Don’t forget, Bungie has hinted in the past that they might not mind if retailers started shipping early. Could the alleged Destiny reveal be news that you will be getting your copies early or on the day of delivery maybe? Or may be an early server switch?

Anyhow, pour your hearts out below and let us know what you would want tomorrow’s Destiny reveal to be about.

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