Strategy RPG Natural Doctrine Delayed Again

By   /   Sep 3, 2014

Delayment-prone strategy title Natural Doctrine will once more get pushed back for its Western releases. Publisher NIS America confirmed that the game is now launching in North America on September 30, 2014 and a few days later, on October 3 in Europe.

This is yet another delay for the game, which already saw multiple setbacks during its development cycle in Japan. This lead the challenging project to miss out on the hype of the Playstation 4 launch there.

Eventually, the game came into the market and vanished just as quickly. Despite high anticipation, the launch ultimately failed to garner any attention in Japan, selling just a few thousand copies in its first week.

Still, with a slight dip for Western audiences, there is a also silver lining. We previously stated that its prior release, which dates to a week before the new goal, would coincide with a lot of other roleplaying games (RPG) that all come out on the same date.

Both Fairy Fencer F from NIS America as well as Ar noSurge from Koei Tecmo will be localized this month, so there’s no more clashing there. Now Natural Doctrine has to hope that these titles don’t steal all the limelight.

Natural Doctrine will release on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. It has cross-play and cross-save functionalities.

Moreover, the game is setting out for a diverse challenge, with destructible environment that can alter the battle plan, group attacks and a tons of customization options. You can watch that in a recent trailer that was released to promote Natural Doctrine.

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