Saints Row 4 Gets First Official SDK From Volition, It’s Modding Time

By   /   Sep 3, 2014

Saints Row developer “Volition” has released the official Software Development Kit (SDK) for its latest game Saints Row 4, which allows the modders to create new stuff and bring it into the over the top sandbox game.

The weapons model of the upcoming expansion Gat Out of Hell are also included in this SDK, which will allow some interesting weapons to become part of the game.

Previously, Saints Row 4 did receive some interesting mods but they were all based around the stuff that was already available in the game, but this new SDK will certainly help modders to bring in new weapons to the game, which will freshen up the experience for the players.

This is the first of many SDKs that are bound to be released by Volition with each of them bringing in something new for the fans.

Some of the modders are quite creative and dedicated in their work, so they would really love this SDK for the open world and will try to create something interesting for the players.

In a related news, Saints Row 4 standalone expansion called Gat Out of Hell was announced which is going to feature the famous character Gat alongside Kinzie as you go on a journey to save the President from the “Hell” itself.

Are you excited to try out new mods in Saints Row 4?

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