Oculus Rift Founder is Dreaming of FIFA 15 on the VR Set

By   /   Sep 3, 2014

While we don’t have any idea as to when the Oculus Rift is actually going to go commercial, the developers of the virtual reality headset don’t stop teasing us with more and more incredulity.

For instance, they want FIFA 15 or the next FIFA game to be on the VR set.

I can only imagine how consuming the experience would be; swapping the sofa for a seat in the benches in say Camp Nou or Bernabeu.

However, the cofounder of Oculus Rift, Nate Mitchell has a few ideas for you to dream about:

You can imagine sitting in the stands and confetti is raining down, and the four of us are sitting right next to each other and we’re controlling the players on the field – that would be an awesome VR experience.

It feels like it’s a natural fit, a natural port, so if EA showed up [and said], ‘Hey would you help subsidize some of the risk for us to do this?’ I might actually say, ‘Yeah let’s go for it – let’s see if we can pull it off.

While that really makes the juices run for FIFA fans, most of us will be question why on earth are they making us wait for so long.

To this Mitchell says, in so many words, that they are looking forward to a launch with more than just a few token launch titles. He insists that the amount of variety you will get in the titles at launch will make the headset worth the wait – and he apologized for it too.

How many of you would want to play FIFA 15 on Oculus Rift?

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