Microsoft Offers Free Full-Version Games on Trials for Gold Members

By   /   Sep 3, 2014

On Wednesday, for the first time in Microsoft’s campaign as a competitive gaming platform maker the company announced trial runs of fully unlocked, unrestricted games for their Xbox platforms.

Dubbed as the ‘Gold Weekend’, Xbox Gold members will be allowed to try out Forza Motorsports 5 – first of several games to be included in this project – starting this Thursday, lasting till the upcoming Sunday.

Xbox Gold members can download the entire game for free and play it with no content limitations till the trial period expires.

While almost all games on Xbox 360 and many games on the Xbox One are available for free trials, none of them give the offer of unlocking the full, uncut experience from beginning till the end; this is the first time Microsoft is providing this service to its console users.

Though this feature is relatively new to consoles, Valve has provided a similar trial experience through its renowned Steam client for several years, where full games are available usually through the weekends for users to play and test. Microsoft is the first to offer this privilege to their platform users.

The technical aspects of this new trial-run for Gold members are currently bleak, as it is yet to be understood whether playing these games within the trial period requires a constant online connection, or what exactly happens when the period expires while the player is playing midway. Expect such details to be revealed in the near future.

We’re also hoping to get more updates on which other games will be featured in the Gold Weekend. Meanwhile, you can start your Forza 5 downloads (if you don’t own the game already) and spend your weekend pondering over whether the racing sim is worth the hype it has produced.

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