Harmonix is Developing A New Software For Samsung’s VR Device “Gear”

By   /   Sep 3, 2014

It has been revealed that Samsung is going to partner up with Harmonix Entertainment to bring a new software to its virtual reality device called “Gear.”

Check out the tweet below:

In addition to Nick Chester, another one of the Harmonix’s employee also tweeted out a statement showing her excitement about the upcoming VR project for Samsung.

Virtual Reality has been increasing in popularity among the gamers nowadays due to all the titles that are being released for them.

Samsung is a big company and there is no way that they will just settle with a mediocre product, which means that whatever Harmonix is working on at the moment will be worth it.

The details on this new VR software from Harmonix is pretty scarce at this moment, but now that we have official confirmation of it; we hope that Samsung or Harmonix reveal some more details about the upcoming project sooner rather than later.

What software do you think Harmonix is working on for Samsung’s Gear?

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