Free-to-Play Deadman’s Cross And Rise Of Mana Vita Ports Inbound In Japan

By   /   Sep 3, 2014

Publisher Square Enix wants to bring some of its mobile titles to Playstation Vita in Japan. In its line-up for Tokyo Game Show 2014, the company lists both Deadman’s Cross and Rise of Mana for the handheld.

What’s great about that is that both are free-to-play titles, so it’s likely that the PS Vita version will be that as well. It would thereby join an ever-increasing range of free games on Sony’s handheld that seems to be doubling up as a potent mobile alternative.

Deadman’s Cross is an interesting zombie shooter and card game hybrid. In one part of the game, players shoot down undead in a first-person mechanism.

Through the shooter model, it’s possible to add defeated enemies to a roster of cards, varying in different styles and strengths. These then do battle against other decks in battles that pop up by doing missions.

It’s also possible to fight other players to see who has the better cards. Additionally, monsters have their own enhancement system for a more robust roleplaying game (RPG) feel.

Deadman’s Cross was already localized for mobile devices. It managed to get quite some attention, racking up millions of downloads.

Cute RPG Rise of Mana may be a little trickier to get overseas, as its mobile version is yet to be translated. Still, Japan can now also partake in this charming universe with real time battles by using a PS Vita.

Rise of Mana features local co-op mode, going up to eight players. It was designed with controllers in mind, so the handheld port should go swimmingly.

Both Deadman’s Cross and Rise of Mana will release in Japan this winter.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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