Only Four NBA 2K15 Players Have a Rating Above 90, Confirms Community Manager

By   /   Sep 3, 2014

Most of you will agree, while others won’t, that the NBA series players were in dire need of an overhaul in terms of their ratings. So good news for some and bad for the others, the developers have revisited all players and changed some of their ratings.

Mostly, the player ratings have been reduced and now there will only be four players who have a rating above 90. The news was confirmed by the community manager for 2K Sports and the NBA 2K15 game, Chris Manning.

Manning took to his official Twitter profile to disclose that the New NBA 2K15 rating system has ‘only four current NBA players who will be over a 90 at launch.’

In the tweets to follow, the official NBA 2K15 profile disclosed that one of the players who will have a rating above 90 is going to be Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As for the other three players, the developers are asking fans to predict who they could be using the NBA2KRANK Hashtag. I am sure they will be unveiling the rest of the names soon.

So why this change, you might ask, well actually on the NBA Live and NBA 2K15 rosters, there were too many players who were ranked very high. In reality, players deserving such a rating are few.

NBA 2K15 is being developed for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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