Hajime Tabata Discusses the Release of Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

By   /   Sep 3, 2014

We have all been dying to know that Final Fantasy XV is finally complete and releasing, however, Square Enix currently have two games in the series under development, the other being Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Just in time, the developers decided to shed some light on the release plans as well as state of development of each one of them.

Hajime Tabata the veteran producer from Square Enix is heading the direction for Final Fantasy Type 0 HD as well as Final Fantasy XV, so he was naturally the right person to talk to about both the games and their future plans.

While talking about when we would be able to play Type-0 HD on PS4 and Xbox One, he said:

“We probably wouldn’t age another year until it’s released. We really do want the PS4 and Xbox One install base to grow in Japan as well, so we do want a release as quickly as possible.”

It also is a concern for the Final Fantasy fans that FFXV, that was originally announced a decade ago, might get delayed because of Type 0 HD, Tabata discussed that as well, and while doing so, shed some more light on the state of development and priorities of Square Enix regarding both titles:

“I believe that FFXV would play a big factor in [pushing the install base of Xbox One and PS4 in Japan], so I’m prioritizing my time for the development of that, to make sure it releases as soon as possible. Currently for the other titles I’m directing, including Type-0, since we’re not building the game ground up, the contents already exist. We’re at the point where we’re just fine-tuning and balancing the game.”

The development of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was started around the same time in 2012 when Final Fantasy XV was shifted to PS4 and Xbox One; this made both the games cling together. Apart from that, Type-0 also shares common mythos with Final Fantasy XV.

So if Final Fantasy Type 0 HD is going to be out before next year September, when do you think Final Fantasy XV will finally come out?

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