Total War Rome II Beta Patch 15 is Now Live – Civil Wars, Emperor Edition and More

By   /   Sep 2, 2014

Beta Patch 15 for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition came out with a host of changes to game including improvements to Politics and Civil War. According to the patch notes, Civil Wars will now be based on your level of support and will no longer be inevitable.

Civil wars no longer inevitable, instead they are now based on your level of support. Based on your support you can end up having a high, medium or low chance of a civil war occurring each turn. You’ll get warning messages when you reach those levels (currently a few bugs related to that).

You’re gonna have your hands full as multiple Civil Wars can occur during campaign. All the Generals and Admirals who are not from your family will go over to the Civil War.

Furthermore, balance of the late game economy has been improved as part of the “Overhaul Building Change”.  The game is getting a new introduction to it known as “Special regions”. These regions will have effect bundles and will give them certain bonuses for example Roma will have +2 recruitment slots in the province for owning it.

In addition, fans will notice some changes in Naval and Land battles such as reduced speed for all ships, artillery accuracy reduced, axe and shield animation based on existing animations have been added to the game, units having precursor weapons will now be able to fire at will when stationary.

You can check out the full details of the changes and improvements made to Total War Rome II here.

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