Titanfall Skirmish Mode Goes Live Today With Update 6

By   /   Sep 2, 2014

Titanfalls’s new Pilot Skirmish mode is about to go live today as part of Update 6. Just recently, details regarding the update were revealed along with probable release date.

The new mode will remove the mighty Titans from the equation in addition to the Al bots as well. 16 pilots will face each other in an 8v8 team deathmatch without the luxury of the Al bots and Titans and it will be giving the feel of a more traditional first person shooter game to Titanfall.

Also, Marked for Death will now be a permanent game mode, in which one player from each team is marked for assassination and is a high-priority target which the other team looks to kill.

“When we first introduced Marked For Death, we were planning to rotate it out for another mode after a couple of weeks, but the enduring popularity of the mode convinced us to bring it on full-time,” Respawn stated.

Life is made easy for the colorblind player of the game by Respawn with the inclusion of three colorblind options.

Three colorblind options (protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia) have been added. They affect IFF glows, crosshair colors, and names above heads.

You can read the full details about the update and Titanfall Skirmish Mode here.

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