Summer Lesson is a Project Morpheus Title Being Developed by Tekken Team

By   /   Sep 2, 2014

summer lesson
Creator of Tekken Katsuhiro Harada’s next title has been revealed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan that is being referred as “Summer Lesson”.

The game will be released for the upcoming Project Morpheus VR Headset for Playstation 4. The concept of the game is somewhat vague at the moment as it is some sort of communication game which is taking place in the bedroom of a schoolgirl.

Video shown at Sony’s Press Conference has showed the first look of the game, players were able to interact with the schoolgirl by nodding and answering to her questions. Nothing other than that has been revealed yet.

We will see more details coming about this game in the coming weeks as the Tokyo Game Show starts later this month. We will keep you updated as the story develops.

Harada is also currently working on the long awaited Tekken Style game called Pokken tournament. Which combines Pokemon with Tekken, so a lot is in the pipeline from Bandai Namco ( Exciting, Isn’t it?).

Sony’s Project Morpheus is getting a lot of attention lately and is a strong competitor for the Oculus Rift VR headset.

VR headsets can only gain market share and win over fans with developer support. Individual VR supported titles are good, but until big AAA titles and mainstream devs don’t give healthy support to these devices, they will struggle.

Imagine playing the next Halo on VR or going on a treasure hunt with Nathan Drake from Uncharted? Still titles like Summer Lesson and the recently revealed project Morpheus title The Assembly are really ambitious but are they enough to make the buyers interested? Only time will tell.

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