Jameson The Pilot Is Spaceballs As A Space Sim

By   /   Sep 2, 2014

Between all the rustle and bustle of recent game announcements, there’s almost no space left for smaller titles to be announced. Still, Jameson The Pilot is doing just that, forming itself into our universe, complete with an announcement trailer.

Jameson The Pilot is a top-down space shooter and simulation mixture put into a smooth pixel art presentation and 8-bit music for added classic feels. There are planets, asteroids and, of course, other ships to encounter during your travels.

Naturally, you’ll be left to your own devices while adventuring in this game. Moreover, Jameson The Pilot allows you to customize your ship for a multitude of purposes.

Maybe you want to become a crime fighter, cleaning up the space trash. Maybe you’d like to become a miner and get rich by cleaning up space, period. Or, just maybe, you want to cut out all the middlemen and just directly start trading.

Along with its breezy presentation, Jameson The Pilot will try to keep things light in its tone. Lore will be filled with humor and pop culture references, in what is said to be the Spaceballs of its kind.

Eventually, Jameson The Pilot will make its way to Steam through Early Access. A mobile release is planned as well.

Jameson The Pilot is made by Rezoner, a lone developer. It’s part of 11 bit Studios’ Launchpad initiative.

You’ll know 11 bit Studios from the Anomaly series or the more recent announcement of This War Is Mine. The company also ventured out as a digital store with Games Republic.

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