Hellblade Second Dev Diary Highlights Art Inspiration From Vikings Era

By   /   Sep 2, 2014

As Ninja Theory promised last week, Hellblade has received yet another development diary video, which shows the Art Inspiration for the game.

The developers reveal during this dev diary video that the development on the game started almost three months ago, where it was decided that the upcoming game will take place during Vikings era.

To learn more about that time, development team went to a Viking exhibition in London where they tried to understand what the culture was during Viking’s era.

After getting the information needed, developers decided to bring it in the upcoming game and they mention that the appearance of the main character Senua was directly influenced by Vikings culture.

Apart from the Hellblade’s protagonist, the enemies in the game have been inspired from the period as well, and the people with the knowledge of Vikings Era will truly appreciate the effort that has been put into creating the art for the upcoming title.

Previosly, developers revealed that the game will only feature single player campaign, it will not have an open world gameplay and the combat in the game will mostly be sword based.

Hellblade is currently being developed for PlayStation 4; after that it may get released for other consoles and PC.

What do you think of this latest dev diary? Are you excited about the game?

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