Guild Wars 2: Next Feature Pack Takes On the Wardrobe

By   /   Sep 2, 2014

A new post made on the official Guild Wars 2 blog details the next feature pack which will improve the game’s wardrobe.

Both the Wardrobe and Equipment panels will be getting a search feature that will help players in quickly finding the gear or attire they’ve always been looking for. Guild Wars 2 features a lot of outfits and wearable alike. This makes it all the more easier to search from a large pile.

Outfits get their own sections that are separate from equipment skins. Here players can choose or search from all possible outfits and also be able to preview them on their characters. Additionally the Finisher Panel has been completely reorganized to “deal with the larger number of options now available.”

A major change is that all mini-pets are going to be moved out of the bank and into this new UI. Any mini can be converted to an account unlock in the Wardrobe, where the game will destroy the item and unlock the mini for use on all of your characters simultaneously for no additional cost.

The mini-UI will also allow you to select and preview pets from the wardrobe, as well as equipping them in a new slot. Equipped minipets will show up automatically even after waypointing into a new map. The panel will also give a full list of available locked minis.

For more information on the Wardrobe update, you can head to the Guild Wars 2 blog.

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