Early Access Game The Stomping Land Sees Halted Sales

By   /   Sep 2, 2014

Sounds of another decaying structure on Early Access can be heard in the distance, as Valve has moved to halting sales for The Stomping Land. As there has been a radio silence for the game on Steam and elsewhere for a while now, the sandbox title will not be able to continue asking its normal price of $24.99.

Updates had been slumping in the past for the still highly basic game build of the game set in the prehistoric era. In The Stomping Land, players try to survive the harshness of the wilderness as tribesmen who are caught in a period where dinosaurs still exist.

There were already a few dinosaurs in the game and crafting mechanisms involved some basic equipment and base camps, with placeholder art and animations. Still, the huge project promised a lot more than eventually came through the pipeline.

Part of the silence is due to The Stomping Land’s public relations agent, Lee Fisk, retiring from the project. The game’s last real tweets are from back in June, when the slump was already underway.

Furthermore, ex-Skyrim developer Alex Fundora came out to say that due to a move and the game being redone for Unreal Engine 4, there were sizable delays. While this was meant as a comforting message that updates were still planned, not much else has spawned since.

It’s a shame that The Stomping Land isn’t continuing on its momentum, but it’s not the first project to implode due to the combination of large scope meets small team. Previously, Towns pulled the plug on its Early Access build, because the developers didn’t feel like working on the game after seeing dying sales figures.

The Stomping Land previously managed to plow through Kickstarter, shattering its $20,000 goal with an end sum of $114,060. Well over 4,000 backers have given the game their trust.

We hope the game will eventually get kick-started in the originally sense of the term.

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