Make Bayonetta 2 Your Personal Pole Dancer With This App

By   /   Sep 2, 2014

Augmented reality (AR) application Junaio has a showcase for Bayonetta 2, which is set to release in Japan in a few weeks. It’s a Japanese app, but it should be self-explanatory to work with it, should you want to give it a whirl.

Junaio is free to download on both iOS and Android and should work with most smart devices from recent years. It shouldn’t take too much download space to install.

You’ll want to hop in the search field of the AR app and type “bayonetta2” to get the scene you want. You’ll receive the Bayonetta 2 version of the titular character, ergo the one with the short hair.

Just locate a well-lit object around you and hold for a few moments and Bayonetta will appear and do a little number for you. This goes from swaying her hips in her tight-fitted suit to performing a nimble pole dance in full-on heels.

The pole dance part might require you choose a fully flat and clean background, since the translucent pole tends to look strange in a lot of cases. Also, positioning can take a few tries, since Bayonetta likes to change the depth of the scene.


Once you’re comfortable with the Bayonetta 2 AR show, you can set it up to take a few screenshots, in case you want to treasure these spread eagle and butt shots.

Once you’re done with that image in your memory banks, you can continue to wait for Bayonetta 2, exclusively on Nintendo Wii U, like the rest of us. It will land in North America and Europe on October 24, 2014 and probably feature some similar content.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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