Xbox One to Launch Without Dutch Speech Recognition

By   /   Sep 1, 2014

It has been confirmed that the Xbox One will launch without support for Dutch speech recognition for the console’s Kinect Voice functionality.

While the specific version console features its very own language-supported dashboard, the support for speech recognition will arrive sometime later.

It’s one of the highlight features of the Xbox One. Its excellent voice recognition allows users to practically do anything they can with a controller, using just their voice. It’s understandable if dutch consumers opting to get an Xbox One are disappointed in knowing that they won’t be able to try out the speech recognition system from day one.

Such issues can arise when selling something worldwide. It could be considered normal but from the amount of flak the Xbox One is already getting from the community, any little problem can just continue to take a small peck off the company’s cheek.

Microsoft has not stated as to when the language barrier will be broken but have promised to release a fix soon.

The Xbox One launch was already delayed to 2014 in eight territories which includes Netherlands – Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland.


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