Sony Offering 250 PSP Games To PS Plus Users In Japan

By   /   Sep 1, 2014

Talk about a giveaway! Well technically not a giveaway but Sony’s PlayStation Plus is a great movie for all console gamers, after all who doesn’t like at least 2 free games every month which include amazing titles such as Borderlands 2 and Bioshock Infinite.

Well for PSP and PS Vita fans living in Japan, the PS Plus just became infinitely more awesome since Sony recently announced that starting from 17th September till the end of the year, 250 PSP games will be available for PS Vita users.

Since the offer is only for Japan, Sony’s home world, a Japanese PS Plus subscription is required to avail this opportunity but given the number of games included with this, paying approximately 50$ doesn’t seem that much of a big deal.

While PSP games are available to play for PS Vita users, they need to be separately purchased which can sometimes be quite annoying when you have to pay 10$ or more for a very old game. The PS Plus subscription will allow players to get these games for free and play them as long as the subscription lasts.

It’s still unclear whether this offer will be available for EU or American subscribers or not or which games will be available under it but since the total number of PSP titles available in Japan is 370, the subscription is granting players access to almost 2/3rd the library size.

Source: Gamespot

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