New Ys RPG Headed To PS4 And Vita In Japan

By   /   Sep 1, 2014

Another roleplaying game (RPG) that was announced at Sony’s press conference prior to Tokyo Game Show 2014 is a new Ys iteration. Like various other announcements, this title will be headed to Playstation 4, but it’s also been confirmed for PS Vita.

Some impressive changes have been made to the normal Ys model. Its most prominent alteration is that the camera now trades in the more isometric perspective for a low-hanging third person angle.

With the new direction and the more realism-oriented visuals, the game is more in line with titles like Monster Hunter or Xenoblade Chronicles X on Nintendo Wii U. In the announcement trailer, we see a party of characters attack some bigger creatures together.

There’s also a brief moment of some platform elements, where the main character is seen jumping from some vines over to others. Once more, players will embody Adol Christin, the red-haired hero of many Ys games.

ys ps4

ys ps4

Ys on PS4 and PS Vita will take place in the Goethe Sea, which represents the area that in the real world would be in Greece. For some reason, Ys recreates its universe by mirroring our world, with regions such as Britai, Garman and Ispani.

Locations also look quite open, though it’s unsure if this means a full open world, since the series usually has an expansive take, but in between sections more so than a full map. It certainly looks bright and colorful already though.

Ys on PS4 and PS Vita will release in Japan in 2015. No localized versions have been announced yet, but Xseed Games is usually on top of their game with those.

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