Minecraft Wii U Depends on Availability of Large User Base, Update Frequency

By   /   Sep 1, 2014

Mojang’s Minecraft has a humongous install base on PC alone. Now they are diversifying towards consoles and the PS4 and Xbox one versions of the game are supposed to be the next big thing; but what about Nintendo? Couldn’t we get a Minecraft Wii U version and a 3DS version?

We know that there would be tons of Nintendo lovers who want Minecraft Wii U version to be a reality (even a 3DS version), but apparently any possibility of 4J Studios turning their heads towards it depends on the size of user base they are offered.

Daniel Kaplan, who is the business developer for Mojang was talking to Total Xbox recently when he was asked to shed some light on the possibility of other platforms for the eternally popular sandbox game.

He believes that after covering PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, they aren’t left with a lot of platforms or users. As far as the future platforms are concerned – which largely mean the Wii U and 3DS – he said:

We’ll see, whatever makes sense and if the platform has the user base for it. We won’t release on the platform is the base is very small because it’s much too big of an effort. The whole point of Minecraft is that you get updates all the time. If you release somewhere you want to make sure that we will be updating rather than, ‘Oh yeah, we only sold 1000 copies on that platform so let’s kill it off’. That’s not the way Minecraft has been developed.

Let’s see how many of you would really, really want to see Minecraft Wii U version happening. Shout out in the comments below!

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