No Man’s Sky: Here’s a Monstrous List of Confirmed Features

By   /   Sep 1, 2014

A fellow Reddit user has compiled a monstrous list of confirmed features for No Man’s Sky, a title which has everybody talking ever since its announcement at E3 this year.

For a sci-fi title that lays heavy emphasis on exploration and discovery, it’s really important that every model and setting in the game is unique to an extent. You don’t want to be visiting new planets and discovering new areas only to realize a recurrence of the same patterns.

In No Man’s Sky every model is generated in different variations from a single base model. Vegetation that includes plants, trees, animals and other wildlife, ships, planets, they all will come in different shapes and sizes.

There is an auto-saving feature but players won’t be able to manually save and load games. Dying won’t mean that you’ll have to start from scratch. Additionally you shouldn’t expect any cut-scenes or dialogues in the game.

There will be a narrative but it won’t be told to you. It’s the player’s job to find and put together all the pieces and come to their own interpretations. These narratives will include details of various races and species, about events preceding you and more.

The developers have opted for an alternative periodic table to help create environmental diversity. It has also been confirmed that a traditional multiplayer will come later on, as will ground vehicles and more extensive terrain deformation.

Venturing into the gameplay portion, affiliation with different factions is possible and depends upon your decisions. Being hailed high with a faction will allow players to call an AI wingman.

The player’s suit and weapons can be improved through gathering the necessary resources. These can also be used to upgrade or purchase a craft.

There is an in-game encyclopaedia where you can view all the rare creatures you’ve scanned.

There are no quests, leaving the player free to touch upon his sense of exploration and discovery. The universe is a living breathing place that works. There will be shipping lanes, trade routes, freighters, and space stations.

While it’s not really an MMO but players can run across other players and feel the impact of other players. We however have nothing more substantial that explains this statement further. The developer has mentioned though that he is really inspired by Journey.

Players can choose to stick to a single planet if they want but there will be compelling reads for players to move out. Hence it’s doubtful that anyone would willingly want to stay on a single planet.

Speaking about planets, everyone starts in the same universe and in their own solar system.

There are multiple galaxies and planets have a 10 percent chance of having life on them. This means that there will be a lot of barren planets but they can still boast valuable resources. A planet can have only one type of resource.

There will be no fleet-sized ships in the game and players will mostly stick to small vessels. There are three main classes of ships: Fighter, Trader and Explorer. Each class has multiple prototypes.

The trader version is slower and bulkier but has heavier weapons. Explorer ships have better hyperdrives and stealth capabilities. The fighter has better combat maneuverability but is more prone to damage.

After a while, the wear and tear on your craft is clearly visible, helping you to form an emotional attachment to your beaten-up old ships. Fuel for your ships will be expensive and is used to travel from one solar system to the next.

However, you can also find fuel through mining planets.

No Man’s Sky is in development for the PC and PlayStation 4, though the PS4 release will be timed-exclusive for an unknown period.

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