More Driveclub Beta Videos Emerge Showing Game’s Graphical Richness

By   /   Sep 1, 2014

Cupcake, as it is apparently codenamed, the Driveclub beta is said to be in the works right now although the public has been kept aloof from it.

However, it looks like Evolution Studios didn’t manage to keep the public as aloof from it as they would have wanted: multiple videos of the beta have been leaked online.

There is this extensive NeoGAF thread where multiple GIFs as well as five videos that have apparently been captured during the Driveclub beta by the PS4 Share button were posted.

That is not all, the uploader also claims that the PS4 Share button has been disabled for the beta but that he found a way around it.

Two of the videos show races on the Nilgiri Hills, one in a stormy weather and the other in a clear sky – both at the same time i.e. 12PM.

Two other videos show races at Munnar one of whom started at 5AM and the other at 7AM – both in a clear weather. The fifth video just shows the driver ‘mucking around’ Bandipur at 12PM.

Keep in mind that since these videos have been uploaded by PS4’s default recorder and uploaded to Youtube via share button, the visual fidelity is not true 1080p.

So, what do you think of these videos? Good enough?

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