The Valkyrie Aircraft Added to Planetside 2, Check Out the Official Video

Sony Online Entertainment recently announced another content update for their MMO first person shooter, Planetside 2. This time however, the content will be in the form of a new vehicle which is actually their first new vehicle in a whole year.

In a Press Release today, SOE revealed the Valkyrie, a fast attack gunship built for close support as well as deadly destruction.

The Valkyrie can transport up to 6 soldiers; the pilot, front gunner and 4 other rumble seat passengers. The front facing turret can be used to up close and personal air support and help allies get out of even the tightest areas.

SOE also released a “Making Of” video for the Valkyrie where Senior Art Director, Tramell Isaac explains how the developers first envisioned the craft and then later transformed it to suit the game world making it a truly versatile aircraft.

Since the Valkyrie is built more as a support vehicle, it’s intended to fly close to the ground according to the developers and does not come with any afterburners to boost up speed and is heavily reliant on its vertical thrusters.

The aircraft can also be equipped with one of these five weapon choices: stock heavy machine gun, a Vulcan-style anti-vehicle chain gun, an anti-personnel explosive machine gun, a general purpose laser guided missile, and an armor-piercing rocket pod.

The Valkyrie is available for players to use in the game as of now, so what are you waiting for soldier?