Star Citizen Arena Commander V0.9 Delayed, Murray Cup Added

Every little thing that happens in the world of Star Citizen makes it to the news; and why wouldn’t it, the game managed to pull off more than 50 million in crowdfunding, the people are bound to keep an eye out for it.

The news we have today, though, isn’t one that you would be glad about. It has been announced by the developers that you will have to wait a bit longer for the promised Star Citizen Arena Commander V0.9

Cloud Imperium Games has announced that the much awaited update of the game will not be release according to the schedule.

Instead, it will have to wait until after the holiday weekend that started today. The holiday will last until September 2 and that is what my best guess is for the new release date of the Star Citizen Arena Commander V0.9.

The primary reason for the delay is that the developers think the build still has too many bugs for it to go live among the fans.

Other than that, Chris Roberts also announced some new features that are slated to be included in the forthcoming update. For starters, the Murray Cup is now a part of the Alpha; this introduces space ship racing to the game.

Other than that, the Vanduul Swarm has been updated to include co-operative play to the player vs. AI combat mode – get ready to fight the Vanduul with your mates!

The official release date of Star Citizen is not known but we sure have the coming Tuesday to look forward to the Star Citizen Arena Commander V0.9.