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PSN, Xbox Live Hackers Lizard Squad Hold AMA Session on Reddit

If you have been in on the online gaming scene, you would not be a stranger to the group that goes by the name of Lizard Squad.

If you don’t know them, they are the hackers who are responsible for the recent DDoS attacks on PSN, Xbox Live, League of Legends and so on. Since they have now attained fame (good or bad), the team has now decided to go public and held and AMA session on Reddit.

Many of you would be looking forward to find out what exactly was the driving force behind their attacks on some of your most loved servers. Guess what, it is the attention that they want. When asked why they didn’t target greedy banks instead of gaming networks, they said:

“Game networks have a lot more people who will rage and give us attention. Banks, however, have employees, and I guess they have customers, but most of them aren’t the Twitter type of folk.”

Now that we know what they are after, you would be wondering what could be their next target. Well, one name was bound to come up and it did: Facebook. However, the hackers say that while it would be nice, the social networking giant has a huge infrastructure to deal with attacks like theirs. Another name under consideration was Comcast.

While their intentions have not made anyone fond of them, they do seem like a derisive and non-serious group. Someone asked them that upon being caught would you go to the court with ‘Lizard Squad on ya forehead?’ To which they said:

“LOL, probably if the evidence is certain that it’s me, otherwise, NO WASN’T ME DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.”

You may want to read up on the complete Reddit AMA to see what else Lizard Squad has in their mind by going here.