Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Footage Highlights New Features and Moves

The highly anticipated fighting game Mortal Kombat X has received a new gameplay footage, which showcases Scorpion going against Sub-Zero and Raiden taking on Kano.

In the first match, you will be able to see the key moves of both Scorption and Sub-Zero, as both of them try to take each other out.

It was also revealed that the environments in the stage can now be used to your advantage, as developers show that players will be able to use trees as method of jumping higher and also to attack the opponents.

Furthermore, the most talked about feature of Mortal Kombat X called X-Ray has been displayed in quite detail as you see the bones breaking in the bodies as your opponent takes constant damage from some really gruesome moves.

The second match in the video featured Raiden and Kano as developers shed some light on their moves and variants. The best part of this match was that it ended in a fatality and you should watch the video just to see this gruesome end.

The new engine has been doing wonders for the game and as you can see from the video, Mortal Kombat X is a huge step up from Mortal Kombat 9 in every way.

Mortal Kombat X is set to release for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC sometime in 2015.