Here is Some “Sniper Nuclear” Gameplay for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Some of the lucky players managed to get their hands on the Sniper Nuclear gameplay of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare at Gamescom and released the video of it online, however, if some of you missed that footage, then worry no more as we got you covered.

Check out almost 4 minutes of gameplay footage right from the “Sniper Nuclear” in the attached video above.

Due to advanced weaponry and gadgets added in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the developers had a chance to bring in a lot of new stuff into the game, which they did and now the multiplayer seems quite different than its predecessors.

However, those of you who are not interested in the new gadgets of the game, will still be able to enjoy traditional multiplayer as Sledgehammer Studios is going to include a separate playlist just for players like you.

Apart from some fancy gadgets, developers are going to bring a lot of new changes to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to give a fresh feel to the game.

What we have seen so far of the upcoming shooter, it looks really good, but we will see how much the game manages to live up to the fans expectation this time around when it launches for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC on 4th of November.