GTA V Current-Gen and PC Versions Will Get a Pop FM Overhaul

Cara Delevingne who you might recognize as Grand Theft Auto V’s Non Stop Pop FM radio station host, shared a post on her twitter account letting the fans of GTA V know that radio, music and dialogue tracks will be getting an update in the coming remastered version of the game.

Exactly how many stations will be getting an update and will  these updated tracks be a part of PS3 and Xbox 360 version as well is not yet revealed.

Rockstar is really putting an effort to make GTA V’s debut on the latest consoles and PC something special. The game is getting a noticeable upgrade in graphics with enhanced environmental effects, greater draw distances and better character models.

There are also rumors that Grand Theft Auto V is being delayed into 2015. Fans have nothing worry about because those rumors have been put to rest by none-other than Rockstar saying that the game will be launched this fall.

But they were not commenting on the rumors, actually someone posted a question on the Rockstar support forum asking “Is Grand Theft Auto V cancelled for PC?” to which Rockstar replied:

“GTAV for PS4/Xbox One/PC is coming this Fall. Please Subscribe here for updates.”

That was surely a relief for the fans. All we have to do now is wait for a solid release date for this fall. Share your thoughts and views with us in the comments section below!