GTA 5 PS4, Xbox One & PC Version Has Not Been Delayed

It would have been a huge disappointment for tens of thousands of fans if the GTA 5 PS4, Xbox One and PC version release date had been delayed as per the recent rumors. However, thankfully that is not the case as the developer Rockstar Games has confirmed that there is no truth in any of the rumors.

Someone asked the officials at the Rockstar Support page to clarify the confusion about the game’s release date and the rumors regarding the delay. The rep responded with ‘I’m also looking forward to the PC release, however this release date has not changed. ‘

Actually, a video was made by one of the leakers who claimed to have been at the recent Gamescom Conference 2014. According to him, there were rumors about the GTA 5 next gen version being slipped down to 2015.

To support the claim people who were forwarding the rumors also said that everything the developers were doing made the rumors stronger. For instance, Sony didn’t even mention the GTA 5 PS4 version at the Gamescom. That compares to how E3 was so full of the new versions.

Last thing that was reported is that while the fans weren’t shown anything about the new versions of the game, that didn’t mean it wasn’t there at the conference. In fact, the game had been shown to a small set of journalists and retailers behind closed doors.

Obviously the rumors had been built on something but I am sure that the official word from the developers should be enough for us to stop lending an ear to them.

Hopefully we will get GTA 5 PS4, Xbox One and PC version by fall 2014 – as expected.