Game 4, Behemoth’s Next Title Gets a Gameplay Trailer

The Behemoth’s upcoming title Game 4 has received a new gameplay trailer which showcases multiple aspects of the game. Check it out in the attached video above.

The gameplay video is just 43 seconds long but it gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect from the upcoming title.

The developers teased to reveal this title last week and now we have our first look at the game and it is looking quite fun to play. If you are among the PAX attendees then you will be glad to know that developers have made Game 4 available to play at the event.

The world in the Game 4 is in a state constant crisis which begins when a bear comes crashing down the planet and causes a stir throughout the world.

The combat of the game is based on hex-based tiles and players are supposed to move in right position to attack the enemies. However, the gameplay is constantly evolving as you playthrough the game, to keep things interesting for the players.

Some of the people who have played the game at the convention have been pretty impressed with its artistic style and gameplay and they just cannot wait to get their hands on the game once again.

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