Escape Dead Island Might Get a PS Vita Port Some Day

Fatshark announced a spinoff to the co-op zombie title Dead Island a few days ago.

Titled Escape Dead Island, the game is intended to bridge the gap between the original Dead Island and the upcoming Dead Island 2. The story takes place in a totally new island and will even shed some light on the origin of the zombie virus.

The game is intended for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC but Deep Silver’s Ryan Avery took some time to answer the questions fans of the franchise asked when the announcement of Escape Dead Island was made on the PlayStation Blog.

When asked whether the developers would even consider a Vita port for the game, Avery responded with some excitement and admitting it certainly was a good idea and might turn out to be quite fun on a handheld console.

Frankly, PS Vita does need some fresh AAA titles and this game might just be the answer.

Some fans wondered why the game wasn’t on PS4 to which Avery replied that the developers focused on delivering the best experience possible for PS3 and since it is a bridge to Dead Island 2, it would be befitting if players were to play the new title on a new console.

While Avery never did confirm anything, his excitement over a Vita port does hold some promise for the optimistic gamers out there.

Escape Dead Island is scheduled for a release date of 18th of November.