Driveclub Gets New Gameplay Video and Some Screenshots

Evolution Studio’s upcoming PS4 exclusive Dive Club got some beautiful gameplay footage from an apparent ongoing closed beta in addition to a bunch of new screens.

The game looks incredibly gorgeous in full 1080p screens and the gameplay is just jaw dropping. The lighting, shades, and the sound of tyres screeching on the road while drifting through a hard turn, everything adds so much to the experience of Drive Club.

Driveclub is much more different from Evolution Studios previous works like Motorstorm. It is more on par with franchises like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport.

Furthermore, Driveclub will also feature a team racing element, with players managing racing teams and using the PlayStation Plus network and PlayStation 4’s share features to manage teams with other players.

Recently, it was also confirmed by the devs that Driveclub will feature dynamic weather such as rain and snow.

The game was going to be released early this year but was delayed which left a lot of fans disappointed. If you’re wondering why the game was delayed? President Of Sony Worldwide Studios  Shuhei Yoshida says the team encountered some technical issues.

“Last year we were hoping to get it done, but there was a huge technical issue. So the team had to go back and re-engineer some parts of the game”. “That’s the reason it took so long. It’s almost a whole year, because the team went back to the drawing board in some of the key aspects of the game.”

Fans will now soon be able to get their hands on this Playstation 4 exclusive title starting October 8, 2014.