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Diablo 3 First Ladder Season is Now Live

The wait is finally over for Diablo 3 fans as Blizzard has finally released the highly anticipated first ladder Season for the game.

These Ladders will work just like they did in Diablo 2 as you will be given a choice to participate in the season, where you will gain the opportunity to win exclusive Legendary items, gold and a lot of other stuff.

As you know that the loot is an important part of Diablo 3, which is why these seasons hold way too much importance for the fans of the game.

Every season released for the game will be a fresh experience as you will not be able to use the existing characters, items, gold, paragon points etc, instead you will have to create a new character to be a part of the new season.

Seasons usually stay on for the period of three months and after it is finished, all of the earned items are added to the non-seasonal account.

The Seasons feature of the game was supposed to release with the Patch 2.1, however, due to some last minute issues, Blizzard had to delay it for a few days.

Here is what Blizzard had to say about the launch of Seasons:

We’re pleased to announce that our first Diablo III Season is scheduled to begin thisFriday, August 29th. To ensure the roll-out process goes as smoothly as possible for all players, we’re planning both a delayed and staggered release, with different gameplay regions launching the season at different times.

To learn more about seasons, head over to the Diablo 3’s official website.