Dead Rising 3 PC Version Livestream Archive can Help You Decide

Capcom Vancouver’s Dead Rising 3, which was originally an Xbox One exclusive is heading to PC and the release date is almost upon us as the game will be available on Steam next week on 5th September as Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition.

Diehard fans of the franchise must already have pre ordered their copies and are eagerly waiting for release.

To keep those fans calm till the game releases and to bring more on to the bandwagon, Capcom has released a list of all the livestreams ever done for the PC version of the game, starting from the announcement made during E3 2014 with UK Community Manager Neil Gorton.

Among these live streams are some particularly informative ones especially for those concerned about the game’s performance on PC. These performance based livestreams also include with the game running on Nvidia’s beast GTX Titan with the game’s fps uncapped (the cap limit is 30fps but it can be turned off from the options).

Those worried as to whether their PC will be able to handle the game or not, especially with uncapped fps can check out another stream running on a minimum specification based system.

All the live streams can be seen here including a Hi-res uncapped footage. There will be another livestream on Wednesday (possible the final one before release) at 4pm Pacific Time.

So are you convinced yet as to whether you should buy Dead Rising 3 PC or not? There is a 10% discount if you pre order the game, so better hurry up!