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Bioware’s Shadow Realms Seems Like Quite a Fun Game

Bioware announced a new title, Shadow Realms, the company is working on during GamesCom 2014.

While teasers had fans excited, once the actual announcement and game details arrived a lot of people were disappointed since the game seemed totally different from what Bioware, the developers behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age are known for.

First of all the game is an online co-op title with a 4v1 setting similar to Fable Legends and Evolve and to top that off, it’s only coming to PC for now.

From all the details revealed so far, it seems to be a mixture of many other games, for instance delivering episodic content like Telltale Games titles or a modern world full of monsters like Funcom’s The Secret World MMO.

Eurogamer got a chance to see the game in action and from the looks of it, it’s surprisingly fun and engaging.

Even though the game is in Pre-alpha it feels highly polished and fluid and well-paced, consider it a third person Diablo if you will. The combat is really challenging as well what with the hordes of enemies and traps the players encounter.

While the game provides a multiplayer experience, a lot of the story happens as singleplayer content and certain areas in the game can only be played solo. Since the story will be delivered as episodic content, there will be a lot of cliff hangers as well.

The man in charge of the game, Jeff Hickman also mentioned that while the team is only focusing on the PC version for now, they are not ruling out the console version since there is nothing in the game that’s limiting them from doing so.