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Assassin’s Creed Unity Devs Hold Q&A Session, New Details Shared

Although the fact that Ubisoft is moving the game’s setting away to a new playground i.e. Paris makes you want to play Assassin’s Creed Unity as soon as possible, there still is time in the release.

In order to make things easier for you to pass the remaining two and a half months (or to hype things up even further) the developers have started revealing more and more about the upcoming title.

Recently, Ubisoft Montreal held a Q&A session on the official Twitter profile of the series where they answered tons of questions that were asked from them directly by the series fans. Naturally, we found out a lot more about the game as a result.

Questions were asked regarding Desmond Myles and any connection with Assassin’s Creed Unity; the developers said that as far as Arno is concerned, he is not from the same bloodline as Myles and hence is not related to him. Talking of the context of modern day story for the game, they said that it also changes significantly from the Desmond Myles cycle.

More was discussed about Arno; for instance, he will occasionally use a word or two of French, his redemption missions are going to be single player (though you could be joined in co-op play while taking on Brotherhood missions), and that Arno will have four specializations dedicated to him. For co-op, there will also be four skills out of which you will be allowed to activate one at a time.

Moving on, the catacombs of Paris are also going to be accessible (awesome!); there will be epic action scenes in the game and the delay means you will get to feel the difference between good and great.

Read up on everything else that was answered with regards to Assassin’s Creed Unity by visiting the Twitter profile here.