Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition Announced, Upgrade it for Free

Sega announced a new expansion pack and a new edition today for its last year’s Turn Based Strategy title, Total War: Rome 2. Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition will contain all the previously released free content along with a new campaign expansion pack, Imperator Augustus.

The best thing about the Emperor Edition is that players will be able to upgrade their copies of the game to Emperor Edition for free, getting access to all the content totally free.

The expansion pack adds a new singleplayer campaign map based on the Second Triumvirate War, where Octavian, Marc Anthony and Lepidus wage war against the first Emperor of Rome following the death of Julius Caeser.

According to the creative director Mike Simpson, Rome 2 was the company’s most ambitious and successful title and more and more players continue to play it. Taking serious feedback from fans, the company keeps improving the game through various free addons and improvements.

The developers hope that people will remember the Emperor Edition as one of the finest games ever.

Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition launches this September. A price has yet to be announced.