The Evil Within Pre-Order via Steam Will Get You The Fighting Chance Pack

Bethblog, Bethesda Softwork’s very own blog site for all its game updates announced yesterday that pre-orders for the company’s upcoming survival horror The Evil Within had started on Steam, Valve’s digital distribution platform.

The game itself is priced at 60$ while the Season Pass is for 20$.

Those pre-purchasing the game will also get access to The Fighting Chance pack, giving players extra Medical Kits, Green Gel to upgrade Sebastian, the protagonist’s attributes, a double barrel shotgun and three shells, an incendiary agony bolt and a poison agony bolt.

The Season Pass will grant access to three new content packs which are yet to be announced. It will also allow players to control new characters, who they might be is still unknown.

The blog update also informs players to stay tuned for the date of pre-load window as well as system requirements. Given how almost every game on Steam is available to pre-load at least 2 days before launch, it’s highly possible The Evil Within will be following the same pattern.

The Evil Within is being developed by a Japanese studio, Tango Gameworks under the supervision of the genius behind Resident Evil franchise, Shinji Mikami while Bethesda will be publishing the title. The game is set to launch on 14th October for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.