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inFamous: First Light Battle Arena Guide for Beta & Gamma

Although most players can get through inFamous: First Light Battle Arenas Beta and Gamma using hit-or-miss method, there is a lack of concrete strategy to complete these modes – especially if one is targeting to survive more than 30 waves.

In this guide, I’ll be sharing some tips that might help you get through both Beta/Gamma along with a couple of general tips targeting Battle Arena.

How to Survive Beta
Anyone who has done a bit of research on tips to survive beta must have come across the strategy revolving around jumping onto several platforms located near the top-edges of the arena. These platforms contain sources of neon; therefore, it’s a good idea to keep on hopping over them and sniping targets until the fourteenth wave.

Once you’re past fourteenth wave, you’ll have to rely on homing missiles followed by jumping onto the next platform and repeating the same procedure.

Later in the wave, you’ll also get turrets and you must overload them unless you want to get shot. Also note that once you overload the turret, you must not roam around the arena until it explodes.

Lastly, remember that there will be very few enemies who will hop over the platform to get you. However, if such a thing occurs, jump onto the next platform and kill the enemy from there.

How to Survive Gamma
Gamma is arguably quite harder than the Beta, but not impossible.

Sure, you won’t find any decent cover positions or as many platforms as in Beta, but it contains a small cover position which safeguards you from most of the enemies.

At an edge of the arena, you’ll come across large television screens. Now, if you jump at the backside, the screens will protect you from almost every enemy out there.

Once you’re properly covered, you need to stay there until you enemies reach the eighteenth wave.

At this point, you need to come out with singularity, homing missiles, and everything at your disposal to get rid of the battalion. Also, don’t forget to get to the neon sources and get behind the screens again.

Keep on doing this until you get through the last wave and complete the Battle Arena.

General Tips and Strategies
Singularities are your best bet in Battle Arena.

You always need to have them in case you run out of the neon source. You always need to be on the move; preferably hopping on various platforms. Never stay in one place unless you want to die!

The first fourteen waves are pretty easy to complete so always save your singularities for the later waves. It is always better to save your homing missiles like singularity for the later waves in case things go astray.

Try and go for the Battle Arena once you’re done with single-player campaign to earn some upgrades and rewards needed to take on the Battle Arena.

Share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!