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H1Z1 Live Stream Shows Night Time Co-Op Gameplay

H1Z1 has received a lot of live streams and now another one was broadcasted recently showcasing the unending world of the game that is filled with some really dangerous zombies.

This time around, the developers showcase the night gameplay of the title which is the most dangerous time and all the zombies in the surrounding areas are fully alert.

This is where you will need to have partners with you because it is very difficult to survive single handedly in H1Z1 as enemies become over aggressive at nighttime and also the visibility is reduced for which you require some sort of light.

People who have played the games like RUST and DayZ standalone will feel right at home with this title, because the survival elements of the this game is almost the same.

SOE has previously stated that H1Z1 is not going to be a walk in the park and the players will have to be on their toes all the time and should have friends alongside to help them, otherwise their survival in the game’s world will not be possible for too long.

H1Z1 is looking better and better with every live stream that we see and hopefully, we will get to play the game soon on both PC and PlayStation 4.