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GTA V’s PC Version Rumored to be Causing Trouble For Rockstar

An earlier revelation, which so far has yet to be given an official marking, suggests that the PC version of GTA V could be cancelled.

FoxWeekly was the one to run the story.

The website allegedly did a sitting with one Brad who is said to be working as a Marketing director for Rockstar North. He is also the founder of his own marketing firm called Rantic.

Over on the Rantic website, which was taken down by Internet warriors soon after the news was published, Brad was pretty vocal about how the PC version has been nothing but a pain for the developer.

Speaking with FoxWeekly in an exclusive interview, Rantic’s Chairman John Hoffberger said that “the next-gen console dates are still intact, but the PC game launch has been agitating for Rockstar staff.”

He further said that Rockstar never really intended to release the PC port but succumbed due to the community’s demand. The news was shocking to hear for the many who have been waiting anxiously to get their hands on the ‘superior’ PC version.

Rockstar Games is known to keep a tight lid on their workings and it doesn’t seem in their MO to leak such sensitive information to a relatively unknown website.

As things stand, we’re going to file this in the rumors category and as far as we are concerned, GTA V for the PC is still scheduled to release later this year.