GTA IV Mod Turns The Game Into Watch Dogs, Aiden Pearce Anyone?

GTA IV has received bunch of awesome mods over the course of last few years, and this new one called Watch Dogs IV is another one in the list as it brings almost the whole gameplay of Watch Dogs into the Rockstar’s title.

See the video above and get ready to be amazed as GTA IV has been turned into a Watch Dogs clone, as the main character is looking very similar to Aiden Pearce and the hacking gameplay elements are working perfectly as well.

There are cameras that you can hack, pipes you can blow, traffic lights you can maneuver and do almost everything that you are able to do in Watch Dogs.

The quick execution with baton has also been added via this mod as in just one instant, you will be able to take down the opponents. Furthermore, the HUD has been changed to match the style of Watch Dogs as well.

When other people see you committing crimes, they will call the police just like they do in Watch Dogs, giving you a limited time window to stop them with an attack.

To get more details on what is available with this new mod and how to download it, head over to Nib Modz.

What do you think of the Watch Dogs IV mod for GTA IV?