Gone Home Confirmed for Nintendo Wii U

The highly acclaimed PC exclusive from 2013 Gone Home is coming to Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo of America has confirmed.

The announcement comes directly via Unite 2014, a conference for developers using Unite Engine where Nintendo’s senior manager of licensing and marketing Damon Baker discussed games being built using Unite Engine for Wii U:

We’ve got tons of titles that are also confirmed and coming out in the near future, things like The Swapper, things like Gone Home, so we’re really excited about the level of Unity support that we’re receiving on the platform.

Earlier this year, Steve Gaynor, co-founder of The Fullbright Company announced that the game will indeed come to consoles and even sort of confirmed a PS4 port – still no news on this.

Set in 1995, Gone Home is a first-person interactive experience which tells the tale of a woman in the Pacific Northwest who returns to her home after travelling, only to find her family missing from home. Players are then tasked to join different fragments of the story together and reunite the woman with her family.

You can also watch the whole presentation above with the game’s official reveal somewhere near 06:50 minute.

Released back in August 2013, Gone Home is currently available for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac OS X.