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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is 80% Done, Still No Release Date in Sight

Development of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is going at a stead pace, with 80 percent of the game being completed.

This was revealed in a recent interview with IGN where Game Director Hajime Tabata said that work is going smoother than expected. He also assured that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be a full retail game but refrained from mentioning when it will be available to the public.

During the ongoing Pax Prime 2014 event, a 20-minute gameplay demo of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was shown. Those who witnessed it in person have said the game to be looking wonderful. It’s unsure as to when and if the gameplay demo will be posted online for everyone else.

The journey of Final Fantasy Type-0 began as a mobile game called Final Fantasy Agito. It however was scrapped because the project proved to be too ambitious for its time. It was later moved to the PSP where it was renamed to Type-0.

Final Fantasy Type-0 only saw a Japanese release on the PSP and never made it to western shores.

After all this time, Square Enix is finally working on a HD version of the title and bringing it to the western audience on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s rumored that the game might also end up on the Vita, since it was a portable game to begin with.

Tabata however, dodged the portability question during the interview.

Source: IGN