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FIFA 15 is ‘More Like Ping-Pong’, Says PES 2015 Dev

Whether it be ATI vs. Nvidia, Xbox One vs. Playstation 4, or Intel vs. AMD; the rivalry between companies is nothing new to consumers, but PES devs have gone a little too far in knocking the rival football franchise, Fifa.

It’s common knowledge for every soccer fan that both PES and Fifa will be competing for ultimate glory, a couple of devs working on PES seem to think that they’ve already created a better game with PES 2015.

In an interview with NowGamer, PES European brand manager Adam Bhatti stated that PES 2015 offers better shooting, goalkeepers, and is generally more realistic:

Personally, I think we’re far better when it comes to shooting and goalkeepers. Our gameplay is going to be more realistic.

The game’s assistant producer Klaus Garner took things a bit further and even compared FIFA 15 to Ping-Pong – that must’ve hurt.

We have a game that lets you play real football; you can play counter-attacking, possession, long-ball… which you can’t do in the other title, where it’s more like ping-pong.

Bhatti continued that Fifa is all about scoring goals which is not a bad idea since most of its players just want to score goals and their lobbed-through ball work every time.

He finally concluded by saying that with PES 2015, they’re trying to create a different experience which will depict how fifa is played in real life.

Whatever the justification be, outright insulting another franchise seems a bit harsh to me. Don’t you think?

Fifa 15 is slated to release in September and PES 2015 releases in November for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and PC.