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New Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Screenshots Show Menu, Skills and More

Just a couple of days ago, Bioware officially announced the multiplayer mode of its upcoming RPG Dragon Age Inquisition which will feature 4 players co-op gameplay.

Now, we have some new menu screenshots that give us more details on some of the inventory weapons, skills and potions that will be available in the online mode.

Check them out in the gallery below:

In Dragon Age Inquisition co-op mode, you will have the option of exploring two skill trees with one class, which is added into the game to avoid one class characters to be the same.

Also, this online mode will only allow you to have four active skills, while you are given eight active skills during single player campaign.

The inventory of the game will fill up quite quickly but the good news is that it is shared among all of your characters, which means that you can keep the different class’ weapons for yourself and can try them out later with a different class character.

The stuff that you don’t need can also be salvaged to get some new ingredients for crafting variety of unique items.

Potions in co-op will be of different kinds as some will give you defensive abilities, while some will increase your offense against the opponents.

The multiplayer mode of Dragon Age: Inquisition is looking very exciting, but we will see if it’s able to live up to its hype when we get our hands on the game on 18th of November.