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Deep Silver is Teasing Saints Row V For Pax Prime

It appears like Deep Silver UK is planning to reveal a new Saints Row title at its PAX Prime panel in Seattle on Friday, Aug. 29, 2014.

The tweet (which can be seen below) clearly shows Saints Row logo with a caption that reads, ‘something wicked this way comes’ – clearly indicating an upcoming announcement.

Another thing that adds more weight to the teaser is the said publisher’s announcement of hosting a panel at the upcoming PAX Prime. It’s being reported that Kinzie Kensington’s voice actor Natalie Lander will host the show where the publisher will showcase exclusive gameplay, concept art, and more details on a forthcoming project.

If this indeed turns out to be Saints Row V, it’ll become the second title to be published under Deep Silver’s banner – the first three were published by THQ.

As of now, this teaser is all we have to go by. Any possible release date or platforms on which it’ll land are not confirmed yet. However, given that the current-gen consoles are well into their product cycles, I wouldn’t be surprised if it lands only on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

With the exception of Saints Row: The Third, every other instalment has been released after two years of its predecessor. If this pattern is to be taken into consideration then we shouldn’t be expecting the game until sometime in 2015 since the most recent game was released on Aug. 20, 2013.